14 Piermark Drive

Rosedale, Auckland

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Call For Bicycle Repairs

About Us

Gearheads Workshop is a bicycle repair shop located on the North shore of Auckland. We are a not for profit workshop that is run by a Christian charity. We are proud to provide industry-standard bicycle repairs. We also can provide subsidised repair work*, refurbished bicycles to those in need*, and education for children and adults on safety, maintenance and bike basics.

Cycling can be a simple way to improve our freedom and health.  For many, it is out of reach due to the cost of quality bicycles and availability.  There is a need for more access to cycling for transport and fitness. We are an independent workshop that hopes to cater to specific needs of cyclists while giving back to those in our community who may need a hand. 

(*Our subsidising of repairs and refurbished used bicycles is based on a referral system. Through partnerships with community organisations we receive requests from those that are in need of either repairs or a bicycle and these will be paid fully or in part by donations and profits from the workshop.) 

Jason Goertzen

Jason is a certified bike mechanic who has lived in New Zealand since 2001. He is originally from Canada and enjoyed mountain biking when he was back home. He worked at a local bike shop while he was attending university in Calgary over 20 years ago. His interest in bikes has grown over the years and now is focused primarily on road cycling socially as well as the occasional race. He’s always had a knack for fixing and improving things and a love for helping people. Gear Heads Workshop is a combination of his passions.